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A little journey

I look at the clouds
and see the heaven above
rain falls down on me
ther flies my only true love

My true love is now returning
from her little journey in a foreign country
my heart is still burning
in flames of all the chemistry

And even she's so far away now
I feel her heartbeat next to mine
her skin so soft and warm
that's giving me a feeling so fine

Only true love can answer all questions
questions over feelings and emotions
the answers are not always truethfull
but full of passion and devotion.

My true love is almost home
maybe I'll hear her today,
maybe tomorrow,
or who knows everyday.

Till the end of times,
I'll hear her soft voice wisper in my head
"I'll be home soon my love"
that is truely what she said.

Ingezonden door: Vendetta Sands - Datum: 01-09-2007 om 17:45:10


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