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This is what I want to say

Nothing can take you away from me
Baby youíre all that I want
You have to trust me if I say I love you
I donít lie to you because you are everything to me

I canít stop thinking about you, you turn my world upside down
Your love is all I need
Iíve been waiting for you so long
You take my breath away every time I see you
You make me feel so safe and happy in your arms
I cant believe this is real the feeling that you're giving me
Baby Iíve been hurt before
Promise youíll never hurt me
I donít know what you do to me but itís driving me crazy
First I didnít believe in love but since I met you itís all what I believe in

Your love is like a song I love to sing
Itís hard for me to say I love you but you make that so easy for me.

So this is what I want to say:
Youíre my baby boy and I love you so dam, all I do is thinking about you.

Xx Louka

Ingezonden door: Louka - Datum: 19-01-2008 om 16:39:24


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