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Tears in the winter, will break me down because of the cold outsite.
But the ground under me stays warm, cause I think about you.
You make me burn like a hot chocolate drink, so I donít have to cry anymore.
I like your looks, the way you move and talk, you never will disappear in my live.

A bed of roses as soft as that is your inside. Your kind and soft when I talk to you and you give me complete understanding. Your mind is beautiful, your aperients is just like the golden sun and you will never run from our friendship. It will not go up in smoke that is what I will promise you.

Your blue eyes are like the deep blue ocean which I want to cross only for you. Where the sun goes under there is your heart. You'r like the earth growing and give peace in my live. Youíre the dearest friend I have got. Iím proud of having a good friend like you.

My mind is on you all the time, you bring me rest when I need it that, I appreciate that very much. My hart is on fire once in a while, I have understanding for your situation, thatís why I never want to let you go. You need someone that gives you freedom and kindness all the time, without thinking about his own feelings. I will heal your wounds of the past, so fast you even notice. I hope and pray every day for your good live.

Let me wish that you will completely trust me someday. One thing is for sure, you canít hurt me anymore. That piece of broken hart has been healed, some new beloved feelings have got me nailed. I know it is not a show of me to tell you what I want thatís best for you.

My eyes will find their destination somewhere in the future! But at this moment I am your friend and give you my heart as long as I can keep it up. Be free, feel free I hope that you will do that cause of me.

Chains of emotion are broken deep inside of me. I feel them floating away like water down the drain. Without any more pain, I can go on with my live, with you in my heart. Stolen and broken feelings are history for you and me I hope!

I will make you free to be who you need to be, a beautiful and wonderful woman I ever met in my whole live.

Ingezonden door: Remco - Datum: 25-10-2007 om 20:39:03


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