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A Memory

A memory in my mind is one of a very kind and bright girl. My live is full with this memory of today, to take me away on clouds to paradise. Special times like Christmas have come to think about the people I love. Youíre the most beautiful girl in character, even your outside nocks me out, I have ever met. Our friendship will hold until I die, I never going to let you go, because I very hard want to show what you mean to me. Believe in me and our live will be like a joy of pleasure. My feelings for you will never let go, but I do whatís best for you no more and not less. Be blessed by this friendship because in my heart I will always love you.

Caught by emotion I the good things who have happened at the moment, go by in slow motion. Most times I think back at those very beautiful events, you have made me the most thankful person of the world. I appreciate your feelings for me in friendship, by this way, Iíll support you the rest of my live, being there when you need me. Donít eat me then there will be nothing left. Iím not afraid for the future, because I know that we will take care of our lives. All the jives of live will give does drives to life for. Go to the open door to a new live and leave the past behind. Only the kind moments on witch you were happy enough. Those bad things are to ruff to keep in mind. You'r so kind, get them of your mind. Your on my mind much during the day, I carry myself away on clouds of emotion in to another world.

Sensation has filled my live again after today, I feel stronger and much more with you then ever before. I have the power to overcome every grief I have had in the past. It has faded in to the past with all the bad memories. I only know that you have came out strong, please go along with my feeling in live. I have so much to give you and your family, I enjoy being with all those kind people. I feel home with you and your family, itís something I never will get this strong. My family left me alone, accept my mother, sister and little brother.

Hope you will make me enjoying my live, just as I give you the good feeling. Be close to me in harmony just like today. I will be there every time you will need me if itís necessary.

I give you all my heart, there is only one for me!!

Lots of passion to you,

Ingezonden door: Remco - Datum: 25-10-2007 om 20:34:18


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