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Beautyful live

I'm living a beautyful live,
with everyone around me.
No need to escape,
or climb high up in a tree.

Two childrens, it's a beautyful gift.
They can bring a tear, they can bring a smile.
Sometimes sadness and most of all joy,
and sometimes anger for a while.

A wife who's dedicated.
She is realy a special one,
also passioned and devoted.
Nobody nows how it's ever begun.

A beautiful live with these three angels.
You'll take it day by day.
Everybody can be hurt.
There is no other way.

And those who's heart is broken.
Take the pieces and start to puzzle.
Everyone needs a little happyness.
So search for that luck and give it a cuddle.

for my angels => Vendetta Sands

Ingezonden door: Vendetta Sands - Datum: 03-09-2007 om 17:22:26


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