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Knock down

No embrace, no farewell
No goodbye kiss
You just left me without

Your cheeks so pale, your body cold
No twinkling of your eyes I found
Is that really you? like I was told.

My eyes focus on your hands
They seem to squeeze my throat
dressed in a gruesome wooden coat

Talented artists your hands were
They created Jewellery in gold
That women yearned to wear and hold.

Your restless hands made everything
They were jacks of all trades
But now they lie folded, unemployed

I remember the joyfull battles we chose
We put on our gloves and they punched me
Gently and careful, but straight on my nose.

Above all, truly warm they were
filled with friendship so pure
I will miss your hands no doubt thatís for sure

All of a sudden He took off your gloves
And our game ended
without extension

Now my lonely hands fill with tears
They feel sad and sore,
Because the joy of our friendship they will share never more.

Goodbye my friend forever
You knocked me off my feet!

Ingezonden door: frits niemans - Datum: 28-04-2012 om 09:06:07


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