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I kept telling myself that we were going good,
that our love was real, as a silly lovesong.
But it was not, our love wasnít how it should,
and now I realize, I realize I was wrong.

You blamed me, you said I was too shy.
And because of that, our relationship would never stand long.
But you either wasnít the perfect guy.
So I hoped youíd realize you were wrong.

After a while in our relationship, we started to ignore each other.
I found it really stupid, and I was concerned.
Was it my shyness, that made you bother?
The only thing I knew, is that I was really hurt.

In public, I really tried to show my love for you,
but I think I was too scared.
It felt like the whole crowd was looking at the things Iíd do
And I couldnít think about kissing, no I wouldnít dare!

But after school, when it was just you and me, I had a great time.
We talked, kissed and hugged, like lovers do.
I was glad, so glad you were mine!
And the greatest thing of all; I loved you.

But then, things went bad and we broke up.
You dumped me, Ďcuz I was too shy, and you couldnít take it any longer.
First I was really torn about the break-up,
but now I realize, it has only made me stronger.

Ingezonden door: Marijke - Datum: 25-08-2009 om 09:04:20


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