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Iím looking out of the window
itís snowing
just a few days itís snowing

there are snowballs on my window
every snowball tells me I want to go home

snow is beautiful
snow is everything
but only when Iím home

every innocent snowflake what canít do anything
than falling down, tells me I want to go home

all the roofs are under snowed
the houses are wonderful
but not as wonderful as mine

because of everything here
I want to go home
every time Iím here
every season

the snowflakes, flowers, leaves and the sunlight tell me
I want to go home
thereís no place they are more beautiful as
at my home

and every time I finally may go home again

Ingezonden door: Renate - Datum: 18-01-2009 om 17:32:29


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