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Dark Times

Period scattered in darkness,
how long will it last.
I'll ask and nobody knows.
Hope it's going away real fast.

It's true that some people,
can bring hope in dark times.
The one you love most,
is the one who stands prime.

It's dificult to talk and act,
all spinning around in my head.
You don't know where to begin.
It happens just like others said.

Some guy's said to me,
get over it and make your own way.
Some girls said to me,
it's not a nice thing to do you just have to stay.

It's not easy to stand up against others.
They think they know what's best for you.
I got all mixed up in emotions.
Who is going to show me the way? Who?

And then she appears with a simple hey.
Already forgotten all my sorrow.
I talked to her for hours and hours,
will I see her again tomorrow?

The only thing I know for sure,
is that I adore and love that girl.
Got all warmed up inside.
She's taking me into her swirl.

She is the only one in my live right now,
she can really make my day.
Always in my mind and in my heart,
my personal giding moon-ray!

Ingezonden door: Vendetta Sands - Datum: 29-11-2008 om 09:50:09


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