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You !!

Like the wind blows.
I hear her heartbeat.
Like the rain falls.
Desire is so sweet.

Like a flower opens.
Her mind is sealed.
Like a tree without leaves.
Her thoughts revealed.

Like a thorny rose.
She choose her words.
Like people in a madhouse.
No understanding makes us nerds.

Like the sun is shining.
Her face smiles.
Like the moon is glowing.
She has many styles.

Like a fish into water.
She's feeling great.
Like a bird in the sky.
She's keeping faith.

Like a ship that floats.
Fragile but stable.
Like a cloud that's drifting.
In mind a fable.

Ingezonden door: Vendetta Sands - Datum: 20-11-2008 om 19:21:54


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