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Old men

Old old men, in the mirror on the wall.
Watching at me every time I fall.
He wouldnít do anything.
Just looking thatís all.

Old old men, I couldnít hold it for long.
But in all these years I became strong.
And if you were gone.
I finally could go on

Old old men, the things that youíve doneÖ
Everything was totally wrongÖ
The hands where they didnít belongÖ
I know, I was youngÖ
But you had to leave me alone !

Old old men, the game said the end.
And you always said youíre my friend.
I believed all your lies.
I was blind.
Now you don't want
to know what's on my mind.

Old old men, I will burn you until youíre dead.
I will not stop if the blood doesnít spread.
Everything will be dark red.
And gone are the lies that you said.

Old men you are so old.
Living in a horrible world.
You canít handle me anymore.
And there you lay on the kitchen floor.

Ingezonden door: Ley - Datum: 13-04-2008 om 07:57:21


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