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Het gedicht Christmas time

I like the snow flocks falling,
I like the lights are shinning.
I like to hear all these Christmas songs,
And when everybody sing along.

People are so happy everywhere,
even the people who be sitting in a chair.
Christmas is a beautiful time,
Just as the summertime.

With Christmas I hear the snowbells ringing ,
And I see the reindeers jumping.
Everywhere you walk,
You see Santa Claus.

Christmas is with family and friends,
And the Christmas cards you send.
Some people go to a church for them self,
To go back in thereís shelfís.

Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ,
Everybody is thinking of him.
That he was born in a stable,
And we have maybe a little stable on the table.

In the room of your house you have a Christmas tree.
And the lights everywhere is what you see.
Christmas are almost the end of the year,
then there a new year comes.

Before Christmas it is advent,
Then it is the time that all your cards are sent.
Christmas are one of the most beautiful days,
Its just so beautiful as a few holidays.

Christmas time is so warm,
All around the table
and outside you hear the storm.
Friends and family sees what you have made
in former days.

I wish you a fine Christmas days,
And a fine two weeks of holiday so as always.
I wanted to say just one thing,
Believe in your self by what you do in everything.

Ingezonden door: jeroen scholte - Datum: 16-10-2010 om 19:22:29


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