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The Parasite

And again the devil’s inside of me.
Working his way towards my brain
close to insanity.
He doensn’t pay rent and asks no fee.
He appears to be there so suddenly.
Yes, I’m giving you my gift for free’, he says.

You devil, you bring me destroy!
‘Just feel the joy!
I’m an entertainer in your body’, he says…
‘This way, you’re never alone!’
‘And if you don’t listen to me,
I will give you my clone, I will multiply…
Because I wíll be heard, you see..
Again and again and again…’

The wars I’ve fought,
To beat you devil…
I’m tired of fighting know
What’s it this time you want from me?
You want to take me down?
Bring my suspicion so high that I wanna fly…
(falling down of a building, going out of my mind)?
Pursue me in my own private thoughts?

Give it up you devil!
I wanna live,
I want my live!
You will never bring me to fall!
And if you do,
I will just pick up the peaces of me
And stand up again!

I know I have to live
With the parasite you are
Inside of me!

Ingezonden door: JessicaS - Datum: 18-11-2008 om 09:07:15


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